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Obedience Training

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Obedience Training
Mulberry Creek Kennels offers obedience and manners training for all breeds and ages of dogs. We know that dogs are much more enjoyable when trained because they want established boundaries and need to know their place in the family unit. Although we love our dogs dearly, they are dogs and don’t think the same way that we humans do. They, as all dogs do, have an inborn pack instinct. This natural instinct drives them to establish themselves in the family unit at a certain place in the pecking order. An alpha dog will try to be in charge of most situations while the submissive dog will usually be very timid and compliant. A dog that is properly trained and socialized will learn its place and become a pleasant part of the family unit. An untrained dog makes for an unpleasant home.

Basic Training
Basic obedience training includes: Sit, Stay, Down, Here, and Heel. We teach each of these commands through consistent repetition on and off lead, and make them a part of daily interaction.

Obedience Training Rates
$700.00 per month: this includes boarding and training. You are responsible for monthly heartworm medication or flea and tick prevention (which is required and can provide for an additional $30)
$50.00 per hour: private one-on-one training and instruction for you and your dog.