We love dogs and will treat yours as if they were ours. Our kennels are in the country, with plenty of room for your dog to run and play, giving them a comfortable experience while your away.

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One of the best conservation tools is a well-trained retriever. When out in the field nothing brings greater joy and pride than a well trained retriever working to recover downed game.​

Retriever Training

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Welcome to Mulberry Creek Kennels

Mulberry Creek Kennels is a dog boarding and training facility located conveniently outside of Columbus, GA. We specialize in retriever training, obedience training, and providing premium dog boarding for discerning dog owners. Our goal is to help each dog and its owner develop a sound relationship, whether for hunt testing, hunting or as a companion dog.

We know that dogs are much more enjoyable when trained because they want established boundaries and need to know their place in the family unit.

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